• Reporting is the key in understanding your business

HJB consultants have over 15 years of experience in business reporting, from administration to board reports we can add value to you offering


Our consultants can design bespoke reports using your system and data, then you run them as you need.


Have lots of data but need a way of understanding it all, HJB can model it and help give you a clear understanding of the underlying data.


Using your existing systems we can build management dashboard to give you clear snapshots on how teams, departments or the company as a whole are performing.


Our consultants will work with you to create meaningful KPI's, then report on them in a format that works for you.

Financial Reporting Packs

Our consultants have many years finance experience and specialise in QS, business trading inc P&L, balance sheet and board level reporting.

Our reporting consultant has designed and improved 100's of reports for many businesses and is advanced in Excel, VBA and SQL. Many of the reports have been linked directly to accounting software using Microsoft Query and Jet Reports.

Your training, consulting, reporting and technology needs yesterday will be different than they are today and they’ll be different again in the near future because your business will evolve with the changing market place. Your reporting solution can help you manage data and use it to your advantage.

We can help you make sense of your data today, developing insights and improving performance. Let us build a wealth of business intelligence reporting to explore your data and manage this on your own in the future. Whatever your requirements call us today and we can work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

Explore Data

HJB can help you create interactive reporting to explore the data already at your fingertips, and use this to collaborate with people across the business.

Develop Insights

Using reporting to better understand your customers, identify risk and opportunities, analyse departments and maximise cost savings.

Improve Performance

Through the use of reporting and business intelligence


No matter how complex or big your data is, we can support and guide you through every step, even the uncomfortable resistance to change that often goes along with growth.

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